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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update 2010
Category: Life
hey guys, i know it’s been a while, way too long. hopefully you don’t feel abandoned as i’ve been very busy! the album is officially FINITO, just got it mixed by michael brauer (who by the way is amazing) and so we’re very close to finalizing a release date! i’d also like to spend at least 8 months on the road next year, so i’m planning on getting those dates soon as well…i’ve missed keeping up with you guys and being more active in my updates and letting you in on my life, i’m going to make an honest effort to do better. keep those cover ideas comin, now that i’m off the road i’m gonna get some videos out to you guys, including some new songs of mine that you haven’t heard! keep voicing your ideas, and i’ll see them ( : love you guys dearly, i truly am nothing without you…



やあみんな、しばらく、いやだいぶ間が空いちゃったけど、どうか君らが見捨てられたような気持ちでいませんように。だって本当に忙しかったんだよ!アルバムは公式に「完成」した、Michael Brauer にミックスしてもらったところ。(ところで、この人がまたすごいんだよ)で、発売日が決まるまでもうすぐ!それから、来年は8ヶ月はツアーに出ていたい。早く日時を決めようと思ってる。君らと連絡取れてた日々が恋しかった。


それから、あのangels undercover Videoが、日本iTunesで発売されたことをお知らせします。


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